We Help 30+ Business Owners & Career Professionals Increase Their Energy, Stay Younger And Lose 5-10kg Whilst Reducing Stress Without Going To A Gym

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Why You Can’t Fail When You Invest in Barefoot Crew

Inclusive Supportive Community

Our service is built with values that promote better health for our members by the way in which we treat each other. The emotions we give each other support the benefits to our health that come with strong social connections. Our team environments increase dopamine levels and support endocrine health.

Results Are Protected By Our Guarantee 

If you follow our terms, and don't get the desired outcomes you wish from your experience with us, we will pay you back. Whatever targets we set in our discovery session, we are that confident you can't fail that you are protected with our money back guarantee.

Long Term Inspiration And Behaviour Change

Our experiences will leave an impression on you. They are curated and designed to be optimum environments and experiences to create lasting behaviour change and reductions in weight, blood pressure, stress, inflammation and increase energy, focus and vitality. 

Your Transformation Pathway With Barefoot Crew

Discovery Call

Book a Discovery Call to begin your journey. Our Discovery Call is your opportunity to diagnose your problems, discuss your goals, and determine if we are the right training metho. Start your journey towards lasting change by scheduling a call today.

Group Training & Corporate Wellness

 We run group training and team building activities in Norfolk/ We teach Fitness, Yoga and Meditation to improve wellness, confidence and to teach people how to manage the bodies stress response whilst living more sustainably. We train our members to be physically strong and reduce the impacts of a sedentary desk based lifestyle. 

1-1 Coaching 

For people who need a more tailored approach, we'll build a custom wellness program incorporating movement, breathwork, lifestyle and nutrition to lose 5-10kg, reduce inflammation, stress and joint pain  We'll create a bespoke program and develop an effective nutrition strategy based on your preferences to achieve your ideal health. We'll  instruct your Exercise & Yoga in 1-1 sessions on zoom, and provide you with a bespoke wellness program.

Fitness & Yoga Retreats

Transform yourself through experiences. Embark on transformative healing holidays and have long standing inspiration. Our retreats offer a harmonious blend of invigorating wellness activities and soul-nourishing yoga sessions amidst serene and picturesque settings conducive to relaxation. Escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary by booking your trip today. 

Are You Ready to Get the Health, Movement & Energy You’ve Always Wanted?

Success Stories At Barefoot Crew

Alka's Testimonial

Alka has improved her physical strength and has developed her mindset and manages stress more effectively with her fitness and yoga training.

Claire's Testimonial

Claire found her me time again, she’s fitter, stronger, faster and doesn't get overwhelmed with being a busy super mum. She handles stress and has more resilience and strength.

Sara's Testimonial

Sara saw improvements in her blood test results with inflammation, she's boosted her immune system and found a positive routine.

Samantha Beckett

"I used to be a massive gym addict but injuries have set me back and my backs given me daily pain meaning I haven't been able to walk or stand for very long let alone cope with the gym but Oli cleverly assessed me and gave me a rehabilitation programme which is helping me improve my quality of life, decrease pain and move better. Haven't felt this positive in years. So grateful. Not just a normal gym... whether your elite level fitness or at a stand still he will help you move forward and better yourself."

Amy Ford

"Joining the Barefoot Crew has been the best decision I have ever made for physical and mental health. I have significant physical injuries that have blighted me for 20 years and in just 12 weeks I have gained strength, confidence, motivation and powerful insight.
This bespoke service is like no other, exercise plans are tailor made for your specific requirements and whilst not easy they are incredibly effective. Oli and Reece are patient, kind, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. I have made some lovely friends and honestly feel like I have met my tribe, there are no egos or competitors within the crew. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Get out of your own way and give it a go, you won't regret it!"

Kevin Green

"Great team, they build up your confidence and also advise on ways to keep you motivated and improve one's diet. When started I wanted to loose weight for medical reasons and also just feel fitter. As they say this is a marathon not a sprint, and deliberate steps and stages to achieve your goals."

Graham Goodwin

Highly recommended for anybody wishing to improve physical fitness flexibility and quality of life. I first came across Oli last March when I started yoga with him and with his help and guidance he helped clear up my hip pain which I had been suffering with for over 10 years and that pain has now gone. And seeing how proficient he was I also used booked up for personal training  and saw great results. Oli is a very professional easy going and very approachable person with an amazing positive attitude to help boost and motivate you. So don't hesitate to contact him at Barefoot Crew or visit his website to book your classes and take advantage of his amazing skills.

Are You Ready to Get the Health, Movement & Energy You’ve Always Wanted?


Money Back Guarantee

Peace & love 100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like your experience, you can get a full refund with one of our peace and love guarantees. We don't want any stress, we want positivity and happiness. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Why Barefoot Crew is Different

At Barefoot Crew, we have a holistic approach to health and fitness. We believe that fitness and health extends beyond physical exercise within the confines of a gym. It encompasses the integration of physical, mental, and social aspects, connecting us to a natural and authentic human experience. In today's modern culture, we have become disconnected from this lifestyle, leading to a range of challenges. Our diets have been impacted by convenience and mass production, sedentary lifestyles have crippled our movement, energy and creativity, and toxins from our environment have created widespread health issues.

Coaching Blended With Life Changing Experiences

It's time to take back control of ourselves, our health, and our minds, collectively one individual at a time to save our planet. At Barefoot Crew, we understand that you may have faced previous struggles and setbacks. However, we firmly believe that transforming your habits, health, and life doesn't have to be an arduous journey. We focus on an inside-out approach, addressing environment, mindset, exercise, nutrition and education to empower lasting change.

Drawing upon scientific research, combining Fitness, Yoga, and Meditation our programs and trips are designed to optimize your health and performance, build confidence, provide lasting inspiration and behaviour improvements, promote sustainability, self help and provide health solutions. Not hurt you or "beast" you. 

Guided by our five pillars of progress (Education, Sustainability, Repetition, Recovery, and Connection) we create a holistic framework that covers every pillar of health, from the values we have, to the ways that we treat each other andd the planet, to how we produce and consume food, to how we think, move and exercise

Here's How it Works:

To begin your transformational journey with us, complete our application form and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with one of our health professionals. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and determine if you're a good fit for our vibrant community.

Rest assured, this call is not a sales call. It's a friendly conversation aimed at getting to know you, understanding your needs and ensuring that you're the right fit for our existing fitness community and tribe.

From there, we establish the best transformation strategy for you or your company. Whether it is a Retreat, Group Program, or 1-on-1 wellness coaching, we will guarantee your success with our famous peace & love money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit before I start?

No, we have a few different services depending on the level of support that you need and the method of training you would benefit most from. We will do a full physiotherapy assessment called "The Functional Movement Screening" to determine your risk level and make sure you have the right plan and are in the right place. This assessment is used in Elite Athletic Training in the NFL & NBA to assess athletes movements and risk of injury. 

How much does it cost?

As stated above, we have a few different services. It depends on the level of support you want and the type of training, whether you need 1-1 or group training. If you are looking for a fitness solution based purely on price we may be the wrong fit for you. We believe in delivering an exceptional service and life changing results with our training. 

How long are training sessions?

Between 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes. It depends on the plan you're on, and whether you're a busy bee. We tailor our training not just to your body, but also your life, your preferences and what we think would get the best out of you. 

Are You Ready to Get the Health And Wellbeing You’ve Always Wanted?